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The AIP 70cm-Telescope

Our Friend The 70cm-telescope of the AIP is equipped with a nitrogen-cooled CCD and a Johnson-Cousins filter set. With this configuration it is possible to get accurate time resolved photometry in different wavelength bands for objects of up to 19th magnitude, despite of the bright night sky in the Potsdam area.

We use it mainly for photometry of variable stars, especially of cataclysmic variables (CVs) (see the 'beginner's guide to CVs' at MSSL), which are a special type of binary stars, consisting of a white dwarf and a 'normal' star. In the last few years light curves of about 20 objects were obtained.

Some results can be seen here.

'Rhythms of a variable star' by Axel Schwope shows the observations of the eclipsing CV HU Aqr and describes, what can be learned about the system by analyzing the light curve.

Here are some informations for observers.

Observations done recently:

Date Observer Results
Mar 7, 2011 I. Traulsen Paloma
Mar 5, 2011 R. Schwarz Paloma
Mar 1, 2011 A. Rabitz Paloma
Feb 28, 2011 R. Schwarz Paloma
Feb 16, 2011 R. Schwarz Paloma
Feb 8, 2011 R. Schwarz Paloma WX LMi

Here you find a log of older observations.

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